Coalition of experts concerned about the links between cannabis prohibition in BC and the growth of organized crime and related violence.

Stop the Violence BC, a coalition of academics, past and present members of law enforcement, and the general public, is calling for a strict public health approach to cannabis regulation. Reports published by Stop the Violence BC have show that efforts to prohibit cannabis have not worked, and through an examination of the government’s own data STVBC demonstrated that marijuana prohibition has failed to meet its stated objectives of reducing the drug's availability and has instead contributed to a range of organized crime concerns.

New research shows war on drugs has failed to reduce supply of and access to illegal drugs internationally

September 30, 2013 – A new study published in the British Medical Journal Open finds that the prices of illegal drugs have generally declined while their purity has increased over the past twenty years, raising questions about the effectiveness of international law enforcement efforts to reduce drug supply. Researchers from the International Centre for Science in Drug Policy reviewed two decades of global drug surveillance data, finding that the supply of major illegal drugs has increased, as measured through a decline in the price, while there has been a corresponding general increase in the purity of illegal drugs.

Prohibition, drug law enforcement drive violence, gun offenses and homicides

Violence is among the primary concerns of communities around the world. The ICSDP's report "Effect of Drug Law Enforcement on Drug-Related Violence: Evidence from a Scientific Review" shows that violence in drug markets and in drug-producing areas (i.e. Mexico) is increasingly understood as a means for drug gangs to gain or maintain a share of the lucrative illicit drug market.

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