• New Policy Brief:

    Recreational Cannabis Regulation & International Law: Scenarios for States Parties to the UN Drug Conventions

  • New Blog Post:

    Preparing for 2019: Drug Policy Objectives and Indicators, System-wide Coherence and the Sustainable Development Agenda


    Canadian youth share perspectives on cannabis legalization

  • ICSDP Supports Health Canada’s Decision on Heroin-Assisted Treatment


    Canadian civil society groups call for immediate action to opioid overdose crisis

  • Read or Listen to Victoria's Story Now

  • New Study:

    Compulsory addiction treatment less effective than voluntary treatments for long-term treatment of drug dependence


  • Scientists Speak Out Against False Cannabis Claims

  • Scientists Working Towards Evidence-Based Drug Policies

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International Centre for Science in Drug Policy

A new policy brief from the ICSDP and the Munk School of Global Affairs at the University of Toronto provides guidance to national governments seeking to align domestic legalization and regulation of recreational cannabis markets with their international legal obligations (Read more)

Side event held at the 60th Commission on Narcotic Drugs offers insights into how drug policy indicators could aid in achieving the sustainable development agenda (Read more)

Canadian youth submit feedback to the Task Force for Marijuana Legalization and Regulation, calling for low age restrictions, decriminalization of youth offences, and better drug education (Read more)

The ICSDP strongly supports Health Canada’s decision to once again allow doctors to prescribe pharmaceutical-grade heroin for the treatment of individuals with severe opioid addiction (Read more)

On International Overdose Awareness Day, over 70 Canadian civil society groups endorsed an urgent call to action for immediate response to the national crisis of opioid overdose deaths (Read more)

Read or listen to Victoria's story of surviving overdose and addiction as a teenager, and why she believes we must prioritize health indicators to capture the real impacts of drugs and drug policy on communities (Read more)

A new study by the ICSDP has found that compulsory addiction treatment is less effective than voluntary treatments for long-term treatment of drug dependence (Read more

Join scientific experts from around the world in calling on governments to connect drug policy to community values (Read more)

The ICSDP reviews thirteen oft-repeated claims on cannabis use and regulation and finds that none are strongly supported by scientific evidence (Read more)

#CannabisClaims reports are now available in Spanish (Read more)