• Scientists Speak Out Against False Cannabis Claims

  • Opinion: Proper regulation can address concerns about creating a 'Big Marijuana' industry

  • Misinformed cannabis policies prevent access to life-saving treatments

  • Keeping cannabis out of the hands of teens


  • Dr. Dan Werb Named Director of the ICSDP

    Awarded Avenir Award

  • Scientists Working Towards Evidence-Based Drug Policies

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ICSDP reviews thirteen oft-repeated claims on cannabis use and regulation and finds that none are strongly supported by scientific evidence (Read more)

Our op-ed in the Montreal Gazette explains why “Big Marijuana” is not an inevitable outcome of cannabis regulation (Read more)

Dr. M-J Milloy outlines how misinformed cannabis policies create obstacles in his work as a scientist researching life-saving treatments for people living with HIV/AIDS (Read more)

Kara Janowsky describes her experience going from a teen who easily bought cannabis under prohibition to a budtender keeping cannabis out of the hands of teens, and making use safer for adults (Read more)

Director of the ICSDP, Dr. Dan Werb, separates fact from fiction in the cannabis discourse, and highlights the dangers of masquerading falsities about cannabis as scientific evidence (Read more)